5 Behaviors That Scare Men Off Dating Advice for Women.

hello! 😍 👋 how are you in this article I’m going show you   5 Behaviors That Scare Men Off |Dating Advice for Women.

   we don’t even know the kinds of things that we’re doing that push people away or actually draw them in. So this is gonna shed some light on that for you. Check it out.

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1.   👉 Number one is playing games.

This is when you’re not really being true to your authentic self.
Right? It’s like he texts you text comes in and you’re like, I could text him back but you know what?

I’ve been told that waiting actually draws more desire creates desire for him. I’m going to wait a day or years, you out and you’re not busy,

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you could hang out but you tell him you’re busy, because you’re just trying to create the appearance that you have an amazing life.


Everyone has an authentic leader in them and we can feel the the authenticity metre in each other. So like, for example, you and I have an authenticity metre and we’re being authentic to who we are.

It’s right in the centre, it’s aligned with who you are. But when you’re trying to be something you’re not, it goes to the side like it’s like you’re off centres, you’re off balance and people can actually sense this,

when you’re off balance we want to do is bring it back to centre to really be yourself. Because when you’re doing yourself he’s gonna feel that in you and be drawn to the area.

2. 👉  number two is being too aloof.

This is where you don’t actually show that you’re interested in him. You don’t give him compliments. You don’t tell him you’re attracted to him. You don’t get excited when he calls.

And is this because often women will put on this facade of playing hard to get like I’m not that interested. Well, the challenge is men don’t invest in relationships where they don’t feel like it’s got a shot

or a chance and one of the ways we know this might actually go somewhere is if you’re giving us or showing us interest.

Now you don’t want that pendulum to swing to the extreme and we’re going to talk about that in just a moment.

But actually showing interest actually letting him know you’re attracted to him, letting him know you’re interested in him letting him know you want him will actually draw him in behaviour.

3. 👉  Number three is the opposite of being too aloof, and that’s treating him as if he’s perfect.

I remember one of my best friends was dating this woman who really liked her and they were spending the night together and he was telling me that they’re brushing their teeth about ready to go to bed and she stops brushing your teeth.

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He looks over at him and she goes, Oh my gosh. We weren’t perfect. He said in that moment. He wanted to cringe and just run because he knows he’s not perfect. He knows he’s got a bunch of flaws.

And if she’s saying you’re perfect. What men takes men take that is if you’re putting him on a pedestal and you’ve got a false view of him.

And the moment you actually get to know him the moment you know that. He is really flawed, and he’s got a bunch of things that aren’t perfect.

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You’re not going to want him you’re not going to love him anymore. What’s way more powerful.

is to actually have the vibration of love and acceptance, that you’re in the hand, but that you’re willing to love him for his imperfections that you’re willing to accept him for who he is and you’re not putting him on this false

pedestal being loved and accepted for who we are is actually one of the strongest draws and the strongest forms of connections we can have as human beings and behaviour.

4. 👉 Number four is an attitude of entitlement.

Nobody likes people who feel entitled you don’t like people who feel entitled, and men we don’t like people who feel entitled and here’s the challenge.

As a man we know that one of our roles is to provide. It’s been that way for 1000s of years and whether or not you can provide equally as he can provide.

It’s hardwired in us that ability to provide and men who’ve done a successful job at earning money for themselves and become financially successful.

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Often it’s very easy for women to take advantage of that situation and most men have felt taken advantage of where women expect nice things expect nice restaurants expect to be taken out in binary this and fly me here and do this for me.

And that attitude of entitlement is incredibly off putting this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t want or like nice things or even want him to pay.

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I’m of the belief he should be paying he shouldn’t be providing he shouldn’t be taking even though you might be making more money than he is right he should be leading with that. But here’s a very easy, simple way to

flip the script in his instead of pushing him away with entitlement. Draw him in with gratitude. No matter what level of success we are in our lives.

And what I’ve come to find is the most successful people in the world are often the ones who are humble, who are often the ones who are first to say thank you to our first live from the state of gratitude. Wow, I love this.

Thank you for this demo. This is so amazing, highly successful people and truly successful people live from that vibration is one of the things I love about my wife.

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I mean our finances are merged and so and even when I take her out for a date night, I pay I pay for the bill and she’ll say thank you so much.

This was amazing. And she shows gratitude in that moment and I know that she’s paying for the bill or finances or merged but just the gratitude is so endearing and it totally draws him in. And number five now I know that I’m going to get blowback for this one.

I know that some of you are not going to like this, you’re going to disagree with this one. But it’s absolutely true.

5. 👉 Number five is emasculating behaviour.

Now we first have to define what is emasculating behaviour because there’s a lot of connotations out there and concepts for what it is.

Simply put emasculating behaviour is behaviour that demonstrates you don’t believe he has what it takes to accomplish the job.

Simply put, you don’t believe that he could actually do it.

That’s emasculating. behaviour. And often shows up as innocent suggestions that often shows up as you try to help or step in because you actually know how to do the thing better, and you can show them how to do it more efficiently and with a better outcome.

But the challenges many of the deep wired need to provide and for the ability to figure this out.

So you got to ask yourself, is it worth getting the job done faster? Is that benefit worth the disconnect that you create with emasculating behaviour? I’ll just give you an example.

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I’ve shared this in another video. Because it’s so clean. It’s such a clear example. I’m cutting an onion, helping my wife for dinner.

She asked me when you cut this, cut this and she comes over and she was honey. You’re not cutting me in the right way.

You got to turn it like this and cut out like this. Now I would have gotten to the same outcome at the end of the day with that onion I would have digested into tiny little pieces.

But her coming over and saying you’re not coming at the right way. Instantly.

I felt this wall come up. Guess I know she’s better cutting it is yes, I know she’s a better cook.

But what that communicates even in the underlying way is that she actually doesn’t believe that I can do it and that I actually didn’t provide the job she wanted.

Or let’s say that your husband isn’t is handy around the house and he’s fixing the toilet or the little drain plug that’s in the stopper.

This the water is leaking down there and he’s trying to figure it out. And you don’t have to do it and you can do it faster. In that moment.

You’ve got to decide, am I going to say Honey, you’re not doing this right step aside, let me do this, which is emasculating behaviour, or let him figure it out.

I know that it might be tempting to want to step in, but the bond that you form by letting him actually do the job is incredible.


Especially if you let him figure it out, and then celebrate him for a job well done is momentous for men.

On the flip side of that the cost of the emasculating behaviour degra gates, the connection in the relationship.

So if you do so here’s kind of the rule of thumb. If he’s not going to hurt himself, and he’s not going to hurt anyone else. Let him figure it out. Let him proceed.

And if you really do want to make a suggestion, here’s a couple or make your correction. Here’s a couple of phrases that you can use is Hey, honey,

can I make a suggestion? Or are you open to some feedback? Because that question that lead and if he says yes, then he’s open to it and he receives it much, much better and more effectively.

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